President I.Aliyev

The economic growth of Azerbaijan and increased financial resources allow us to implement any project. There are big initiatives to improve the sport infrastructure in Azerbaijan. In all parts of our country we are building modern complexes, large Olympic complexes and sport facilities. The financial and technical resources are being upgraded for sport development and we see the result of these policies as numerous successes of our sportsmen in the sport championships and Olympic Games, despite the fact that these tournaments are tough competitions.

Of course, sport is not an easy business. In order to gain higher achievements more work needs to be done and the athletes dedicate their life to sport and training. For you, this is perhaps twice difficult. The loyalty of the para-athletes to sport, especially the participation of the Azerbaijani para-athletes in the international contests are heroism.

The Azerbaijani State is highly regarding your achievements and it should do so. That is why we are doing our best to create necessary conditions for you.

I am very glad that the Azerbaijan Paralympics Committee is expanding its activities and overall the number of para-athletes attending the Paralympics Games is on the rise. And our results at the Paralympics Games are improving in every contest.

We have to make sure that the attention to these games is always high. The state, agencies and individuals responsible for the development of sport should continue their efforts for the growth of the Paralympics movement in Azerbaijan. We can talk a lot about this, but our recent works better speak to the success of our policies and in the example of this beautiful Paralympics complex, we see the results of such policies in Azerbaijan.


 From the speech during the Official opening ceremony of the Paralympics Sport Complex

August 28, 2008

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